As the saying goes, accidents happen. This saying is of little comfort for those who have been injured in an accident of some type. Whether it’s the result of falling due to a dangerous condition, an object striking you because it wasn’t properly secured, or an auto accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, your injuries are the result of a so-called accident that could have been prevented. The first step, if you’ve been hurt, is to determine what insurance coverage exists. The negligent party may have insurance that will cover you for your injuries. For example, Colorado requires that every driver carry liability coverage with a minimum of $25,000 in coverage just in case they cause an accident.

Additionally, in cases where the injury was a result of something other than an auto accident, many homeowners insurance and renter’s insurance policies cover personal liability coverage in the event that a person causes an injury to another party. Businesses also usually carry professional liability insurance in case an employee injures someone or someone is hurt while visiting their business. Once insurance coverage has been verified, the next step is to open an insurance claim to recover for your losses due to your injuries. However, insurance companies will always look for an excuse not to pay you for their claim. They’ll never want to pay you for your injuries. We can help make sure that you’re protected and your rights are covered when an insurance company isn’t paying you. If you’ve got an open claim, please contact us about how to protect your rights and secure your claim. Don’t let someone else’s accident cost you.


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