We always love getting feedback from the people we’ve collaborated with. One of our favorite ways to see this feedback is through the legal rating and review website Avvo, where we have been steadily accumulating reviews over the years. Here’s a small sampling of some of our more memorable reviews:

“My divorce trial was won 11 months earlier when I hired Joe to be my lawyer. Being a former prosecuting district attorney, Joe was heads and shoulders above my wife’s attorney. He relied on the law and a professional approach while in court. My wifes’ lawyer took the dishonorable path of character assignation and clever word games. If you believe any judge wouldn’t be able see through my wife’s lawyers antics after listening for years to such antics, then you are sorely mistaken.

Joe is also an extremely honest business man. I never felt he was overcharging me or looking for some way to run up his bill. In court, when I told my wife’s attorney that I didn’t bother to check his bills, she was surprised and said, ‘You really didn’t check his bills?’ and my answer was, ‘Why would I?’ My guess is that her clients checked on her bills and probably for a good reason.

Also, Joe is a gentlemen. So if you want a “bulldog” you should hire him. If you want to hire a “pit bull” for a lawyer, well, I think judges look at pit bull lawyers like they look at lawyers whose weapons are limited to character assassination and clever, in their opinion, word games.