Podcasts are definitely a force in the entertainment industry, allowing anyone with a microphone, an internet connection, and a discussion topic to broadcast their thoughts to the world. And, as you’d imagine, we happen to enjoy law podcasts here at Law One. Here are just a few law-focused podcasts that definitely deserve a subscription.

The Lawyerist Podcast

Every week, Stephanie Everett, Aaron Street, and Sam Glover come together to discuss everything from practicing law and beyond. A few recent episodes discuss the scientific side of charisma, maximizing a remote workplace, and not taking unscheduled phonecalls. Check them their official website here!

Legal Toolkit

Any podcast that can product consistent content for nearly a decade is surely something to behold. This is the case with Legal Toolkit, a show that specializes in management advice for your practice. Host Jared Correia looks at a number of topics through a legal lens, such as data literacy, cryptocurrency, and virtual bookkeeping. New episodes can be found on their official website.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

The longest continually-running legal podcast, Lawyer 2 Lawyer is hosted by established law bloggers Robert Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams. Together, the two discuss a number of the most popular topics in the legal world, often with conflicting viewpoints. The podcast has currently recorded over 500 podcasts, so you’ve got a little bit of catching up to do. Check out the Legal Talk Network for new episodes!

Opening Arguments

Legal topics aren’t always the most “fun” to talk about. […]