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    Register for the Upcoming “Mastering the Intangibles for Paralegals” Webcast

Register for the Upcoming “Mastering the Intangibles for Paralegals” Webcast

Mark your calendar! Our own Jeanine Beyer will be participating in the upcoming Institute for Paralegal Education video webcast Mastering the Intangibles for Paralegals. The online course will be taking place on August 12, 2020, with faculty members Jeanine Beyer, Amy H. Johnson, and Jenna M. Prosceno.

The course is aimed at improving the essential skills needed to be a modern paralegal. This includes everything from communication with clients, strategies for saving time, and familiarizing you with essential tech resources.

Here is a full list of the course content:

  • Before You Hit Send: Drafting Great Emails
  • Extinguishing Dumpster Fires in Your Email Inbox
  • Top 10 Leadership Skills Every Managing Paralegal Needs
  • Taming the Chaos
  • How (and Why) to Streamline Everything
  • 15 Rapid-Fire Tech Tips, Websites, Resources and Gadgets for Every Paralegal

Follow this link to register for the webcast. Make sure to use the promo code FSP50I for $50 off the usual tuition for this course.

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.

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The Relationship Between Modern Law and the Internet

It’s been said many times that the law is struggling to keep up with the internet. With video streaming and social media becoming easier to access, legal issues have predictably popped up, leading to countless news stories about modern law adapting to online platforms. Let’s take a quick look at the relationship (and sometimes battle) between the internet and the law.

Social Media

Copyright is a very popular topic when it comes to social media law, especially when it comes to more image-heavy websites. Because it’s so easy to repost a photographer’s work (often without credit or compensation) on platforms such as Instagram, there have been numerous copyright-related cases of note, such as supermodel Gigi Hadid’s legal battle against a paparazzi photographer. Most recently, a court ruled that a popular website can embed a photographer’s Instagram post without violating copyright laws.

Interestingly, copyright isn’t the only legal issue in social media. In fact, one particularly interesting case outlined the complicated case of social media posting and First Amendment rights. While it was ruled in one case that social media had free speech protections, there are still complications, such as what one can post while on probation.


While YouTube’s controversies have largely revolved around advertising and monetization as of late, legal topics around the platform have touched on some interesting topics. Much like the case with social media websites, YouTube has consistently had to keep up with copyrights. After all, it’s not uncommon to search around YouTube and see entire episodes of different series uploaded, as well as the […]

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Essential Websites For Law News

Whether you’re a lawyer yourself or simply interested in the sector, you’ll want a way to keep up with the latest law news. Whether you’re more interested in general stories, criminal law, or more unique cases, here are the websites you should bookmark for your law news.

Law & Crime Trial Network

If criminal law is your main focus, the Law & Crime Trial Network should be your go-to website for law news. While many of the posts focus on high-profile criminal cases, the website also sets itself apart with sections focusing on celebrities as well as more off-the-wall cases. Additionally, the website’s Daily Debrief podcast, hosted by Aaron Keller, is a quick, easy way to keep up on the latest news.

ABA Journal

The online addition to the official American Bar Association magazine, the ABA Journal website provides readers with all the in-depth analysis and legal news. Featuring an established group of editors including Alice E. Richmond, Katherine H. O’Neil, and Judge Herbert B. Dixon Jr., the ABA Journal is ideal for anyone trying to keep up on law news. One particularly interesting recent story revolved around the deepfake trend, particularly how it will affect the judicial system.

Above The Law

If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll want to check out Above The Law. As it says on the official About Us page, the website focuses on “the profession’s most colorful personalities and powerful institutions.” As an example of the unique nature of the site, some recent stories […]

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Drunk Driving and Liability


Is a tavern liable for a patron that engages in drunk driver injuring others?

In Colorado, a bar may be liable to a person that is injured (or to a person’s family if the accident is fatal).  To recover, in general, the injured party must demonstrate that the tavern willfully and knowingly sold or served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person or to a minor.  C.R.S. § 12-47-801. The statute of limitations is generally only one year from the date of the accident.  C.R.S. § 12-47-801.

Experienced. Ethical. Intelligent. Personable. Law One.

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Five Essential Quotes to Remember on Presidents Day

The third Monday of every February is Presidents Day, a celebration of the Presidency of the United States. While upon its initial establishment, the day was more focused on George Washington, the holiday gradually opened up its focus to every President in the U.S. throughout history. However, select states still honor individual holidays as a tribute to Washington, as well as other Presidential icons such as Abraham Lincoln. With the many great minds that have led the country, it’s important to look back on the iconic quotes they’ve left us with. Let’s celebrate Presidents Day by looking back at some of the most memorable sayings from our former leaders.

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. ” -George Washington

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

“While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future.” – Ronald Reagan

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

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Auto Accidents and Claims

If I am in an auto accident with a city, county, or state worker and they are at fault, can I make a claim against the city, county, or state?

In general, a governmental employee has immunity for all claims which could lie in “tort”. However, a claim can be made against a public entity, if the employee of the public entity is operating a motor vehicle owned or leased by a public entity, and that employee while driving is acting in the scope of employment. C.R.S. 24-10-106. There are some exceptions for emergency vehicles in some circumstances.

Injured by a motor vehicle driven by a city, county or state vehicle? Call Law One.

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Joseph Elio

Law One

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Is My Wedding Ring Marital Property?

 Gifts of nonbusiness tangible personal property, given from one spouse to another, is presumed to be marital property pursuant to C.R.S. § 14-10-113(7)(a). However, the presumption may be rebutted by clear and convincing evidence.

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Does The Jury Know?

If I file a lawsuit to recover damages for my medical bills and other damages that I suffered in my car accident, and I proceed to trial, will the jury know that the other driver is insured (and that the other driver will not have to come out of pocket if the jury awards damages)?

In Colorado, damages are to be determined without reference to the defendant’s ability to pay, including the consideration of whether the defendant has liability insurance. Evidence of insurance is inadmissible evidence to show that a person acted negligently or otherwise wrongfully. CRE 411.

In some rare, limited circumstances, evidence of insurance may become admissible if such evidence of insurance is offered for some limited purposes, for example to show ownership of a vehicle, or bias of a witness.  However, in my experience, insurance companies zealously protect the jury from becoming aware that the defendant is fully insured.

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Three Lighthearted Quotes Every Lawyer Should Know

In the age of social media, quotes have become an easily shareable way to spread inspiration, humor, and knowledge. However, with so many quotes shared so rapidly, it can be easy to simply overlook the impact of a particular quote or even remember the saying for the future.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favorite quotes that deal with out everyday profession in a more lighthearted fashion. In a line of work that can often be stressful, it’s important to focus on the bright side and have a laugh. Here are three of our favorite playful quotes that might just speak to anyone in the world of litigation.

“I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.” – Stephen Wright

“A lawyer is a person who writes a 10,000-word document and calls it a “brief.” – Franz Kafka

“Where there’s a will, there’s a lawyer.” – Robert Elliott Gonzales

Quotes come from Holidappy and Notable-Quotes.

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Law Blogs To Follow in 2020

Happy New Year! We’d like to thank all of our followers for so much support throughout 2019, and hope that the new year and new decade bring more positive and unforgettable moments.

A few weeks ago, we posted a list of some of our favorite law-related podcasts, including Legal Toolkit and Lawyer 2 Lawyer. Continuing that theme, we would like to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on some of our favorite blogs that tackle legal issues from advertising and misleading consumers to social media law.

Socially Aware

With the 2010s coming to a close, it’s hard not to see just how social media has shaped an entire decade. Along those lines, it’s been quite an experience to examine just how the law is changing around the rapidly evolving social media landscape. Socially Aware acts as a go-to hub of information on social media law, with analysis on Instagram ad copyright issues and the complexities of content curation.

The Legal Geeks

If you’re looking for something you won’t find on your standard law blog, you’ll want to visit the Legal Geeks website. With legal analysis of episodes of popular shows such as The Mandalorian and questions such as “Does Thor Working With the U.S. Government Violate the Establishment Clause?” answered, fans of all things sci-fi and law will definitely find some entertainment.

Financial Panther

Student loans can be extremely daunting for any recent law school graduate. However, Kevin Ha had a strategic approach to his debt and wants to share his stories […]

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