Jeanine Beyer

Jeanine was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but her Family is native to Colorado.  She has been here so long that Colorado is her home. She joined Scheitler & Elio, PC after interning there for 6 months.  Jeanine received an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, and graduated Cum Laude.  She is dedicated to become a lawyer one day, so that she can help those in need and help her community get the justice they deserve. While going to school, working and interning for Scheitler & Elio, PC, she also interned at Colorado Legal Services. Colorado Legal Services is a pro bono law firm that focuses on low income families in need of justice, but simply cannot afford it. This gave Jeanine an opportunity to work with a lot of homeless families and through this experience, has become more aware of what is needed in our community and more focused to become more active in helping. Jeanine loves a challenge and loves to learn.  She has excellent communication skills, strives for accuracy and consistency, and is very interested in politics and the legal system, which is why she will one day pursue her law degree.

Jeanine specializes in Litigation, Trial and Appeals.  She works in many different aspects of law and has gained a substantial amount of knowledge and experience through her peers.  I have had the opportunity to work with many different talented and experienced attorneys as well as senior paralegals.

Outside of work, Jeanine’s passion and focus is her daughter.  She tries to spend all her off time playing and teaching her daughter all the skills she will need to prepare her for the future.  She loves religion, nature, dancing and most of all her family.  She works hard every day to make my daughter’s life filled with love and happiness, and to one day see her daughter live her dream.