Wills and Trusts

You likely have thoughtfully considered how your estate is to be distributed. The lawyers at Law One will
draft wills tailored to your wishes. Most of the wills that we draft are simple wills that generate very
modest fees.

If you prefer to transfer your assets to a trust for asset protection or other considerations (such as to
provide for a minor), we have can incorporate a trust into your will or create a stand alone trust.
Regardless, having a will in place is a considerate way to reduce uncertainty in the event of unforeseen
circumstances. We have met with far too many people that are in difficult situations because a family
member did not take the time to plan their estate succession. Call today.

Living wills POA

In addition to wills and trusts, the attorneys at Law One prepare complimentary estate planning
documents that reduce uncertainty while you are still living. We draft living wills so that your loved ones
will know your wishes in advance if the most difficult medical decision must be made. We also prepare
medical and financial Powers of Attorney, so that trusted others can make important decisions for you if
you are unable.

Estate Administration and Litigation

We provide estate administration services that include assisting in opening an estate after a loved one
has passed. We also assist persons appointed as a Personal Representative in their administration

In the event disputes arise in the administration of estates, we have extensive experience in estate
litigation. We can contest wills, the way in which a personal representative is administering an estate,
and the method of distribution of an estate. We are experienced litigators.

We are: Experienced. Ethical. Intelligent. Personable. Law One.