What is Insurance Bad Faith?

In short, insurance bad faith is unreasonable behavior by an insurance company, either by delaying or
denying payment on a claim to the person they insure. However, this area of law is complicated and
difficult to navigate. Law One is dedicated to making sure that insurers do not take advantage of their

In Colorado, if an insurance company acts in bad faith, they may be required to pay more than just the full
value of your insurance claim. This is to discourage insurance companies from acting in bad faith simply
to lessen the amount they pay for legitimate claims. The attorneys at Law One understand how important
it is that your claim be properly handled, and that you are fully compensated when your insurer acts

How do I know if my insurance company is acting in bad faith?

Consult with a professional, like the attorneys as Law One. As a general rule, under Colorado law, an
insurance company is acting in bad faith if they unreasonably delay or deny payment of insurance benefits
to their policyholder. This behavior happens in many different claims areas, but most commonly in
homeowner’s property claims and first-party auto-insurance claims (such as uninsured motorist claims.)
Law One can help you determine if the acts of your insurer are reasonable, or if their behavior may be
considered bad faith and compensable.

Why choose Law One?

At Law One, our experience with insurance carriers gives us an understanding of how adjusters operate
and what tactics are commonly utilized when they try to pay less than a claim is worth. Additionally, we
have experience working with insurance adjusters on a personal basis, and have a deep understanding of
not only he claims process, but also of the common issues and pitfalls associated with first-party claims.
Law One has a great reputation for getting results, and we will work hard for you. Call today for your free

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