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About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is to resolve your legal matter utilizing the most effective and advantageous  strategy available, whether you are in need of assistance in your custody case, an award of damages related to a personal injury matter, or a skilled attorney to draft your estate planning documents.  

Our Denver, Colorado office boasts a team of passionate, zealous attorneys with over 30 years of combined experience in the areas of Family LawPersonal Injury, Estate Planning and Probate Litigation.

Experience Counts

Did you know that our founder (Joseph M. Elio, Esq.) graduated cum laude from the business school at the University of Colorado at Boulder? Read more about Joseph’s impressive background here.

Fee Philosophy:

Law One professionals make their best efforts to be mindful of each clients’ unique financial situation and understand that many clients have limited resources for payment of their attorney’s fees. Hourly fee clients: Clients that enter into an hourly fee arrangements are, to some extent in control of their attorney’s fees. The extent of litigation in each case is determined by a number of factors, with one of them being the client’s goals, objectives and desired approach to each issue that arises in their case Thus, attorney’s fees are somewhat by dependent on the extent of litigation that a client wishes to pursue. Contingency fee: When a client enters into a Contingency fee arrangement (this is not offered for Family Law cases and various other case types), there are typically no attorney’s fees recovered by Law One unless damages are attained via settlement, judgment or verdict. There are a few unique situations in which a fee arrangement will in fact permit Law One to recover attorney’s fees for work performed on a contingency fee-based matter before a settlement, judgment or verdict is obtained. Law One is committed to providing the time and resources necessary to reach a successful resolution of its contingency fee cases.