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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law is an area of emphasis at Law One. We assist individuals involved in Dissolution of Marriage, Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, Child Custody, Child Support, Maintenance, Civil Protection Order matters and more. We are also skilled in the areas of pre-marriage planning (prenuptial agreements), post-marriage planning (post-nuptial agreements) and resolution of post-decree issues.

Divorce and Child Custody

Children’s Issues

Children’s issues are our top priority in all family law matters. We strongly support Colorado’s “best interests of the child” standard, and we craft our legal arguments consistent with this uniform law. At Law One, we make our best efforts to that parenting time and parental decision-making responsibilities (formerly “custody”) matters are resolved to each client’s satisfaction.

The Effect of Income

The income of a party is often a hotly contested issue in family law cases, and it sometimes requires application of legal discovery tools as well as collaboration with outside professionals, such as private investigators, business appraisers and vocational evaluators. The ultimate income determination of a party can have considerable effects on maintenance and child support calculations, as well as other aspects of a family law matter, such as the allocation of assets and debts. At Law One, we have effective methods to determine the actual or potential income of a party through aggressive discovery techniques, and the use of highly respected experts.

Asset Valuation

Asset valuation is also a common area of contention in family law cases. The determination of the value of an asset is critical to a fair (or advantageous) division of assets in dissolution of marriage cases. As with income determination, we have often use discovery techniques to determine the actual value of an asset, and we work closely with experts, when necessary, to determine the value of pensions, real estate, businesses, trusts and other substantial assets.

Fair Resolution

Unless instructed otherwise, in an effort to preserve attorney’s fees, we often attempt to negotiate a favorable resolution of each case without the need for extensive litigation. Settlement efforts are never initiated without the authorization of a client, and settlement efforts are directed by each client’s stated goals. We encourage and frequently participate in both court-ordered and voluntary. Alternative Dispute Resolution processes, with the assistance of skilled arbitrators and mediators.

Aggressive Litigation

Where settlement cannot be achieved, we are prepared to litigate full-force. Law One’s attorneys are experienced advocates who have conducted hearings and trials in all parts of Denver and its surrounding areas as well as in northern and southern Colorado, including rural counties such as Kiowa and Logan County.