Family Law

Family Law is an area of emphasis at Law One. We assist persons involved in divorces, parenting time issues, child support, maintenance (formerly alimony), division of property and debt. We are also involved in pre-marriage planning (prenuptial agreements,) pre-divorce planning as well as post divorce issue resolution. We also have experience in adoptions, non-parent custody, Social Services litigation, and other family law issues.

Children’s Issues

Children’s issues are our top priority in all family law matters. We strongly support the Colorado  “best interest of the child” standard. We attempt to ensure in every case that parental decision making  responsibility (formerly “custody”) is only resolved if it is in the child’s best interest. Once children’s issues are resolved, we focus on financial issues.

The Effect of Income

Income of a parent is often an issue in family law cases. Income determination affects maintenance and child support calculations, and may become relevant in other areas, such as debt responsibility. We have methods to determine the real or potential income of a parent through aggressive discovery techniques, and the use of experts, such as professional vocational evaluators.

Asset Valuation

Asset valuation is also often an area of contention in family law cases. The determination of the value of an asset is critical to a fair (or advantageous) division of assets. As with income determination, we have often used discovery techniques to determine real asset values, and have experts that we work with to value pensions, real estate, businesses and trusts.

Fair Resolution

Unless instructed otherwise, in an effort to contain attorney’s fees, we attempt to negotiate a fair resolution of a case without litigation after the exchange of financial information. We encourage and frequently participate in mediations and other settlement vehicles designed to resolve disputes.

Aggressive Litigation

When a matter cannot be resolved through negotiation, we are prepared to litigate a case aggressively. Joseph M. Elio has conducted several hearings in Denver, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Douglas, and Adams counties, as well as many rural counties. His experience as a Deputy District Attorney and S.E.C. Enforcement Attorney has enabled him to intelligently and aggressively provide representation for family law client.

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