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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

We specialize in assisting individuals injured due to the negligence or intentional acts of others. We have experience in both settling and litigating claims stemming from automobile accidents, slip and falls, wrongful deaths, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, dram shop actions (wrongfully serving alcohol to minors or visibly intoxicated persons), dog bites, and more. Joseph M. Elio and the Law One Team have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and in verdicts for its clients in the above categories. At Law One, we recognize that every client and case is unique. With our team by your side, your case will receive individualized attention and precisely crafted legal strategy. You will also be guided through each step of the claims process, from the time you retain our firm until the time of settlement or verdict.

Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Law One attorneys are present with strength in Personal Injury cases.

A glimpse into the Personal Injury case process:

Incident stage

If we are retained shortly following the incident, we will often we will work to gather evidence and to interview critical witnesses, photograph incident scenes, and capture other helpful evidence that may be lost without preservation.

Treatment stage

After you have completed all pertinent medical treatment to the point at which you are the closest you can be to your pre-injury status, medical providers will typically conclude that you are at maximum medical improvement. We often speak with those medical professionals in order to obtain further details regarding your prognosis.

With your input, we will proceed to prepare a demand letter to the relevant insurance company, and we will begin settlement negotiations with that insurance company. We will never settle a case without your consent.

If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, we will not hesitate to proceed with litigation, if you so direct us.

Most people, on their own, are not a fair match for the insurance companies. Insurance companies have vast experience, enormous resources, and attorneys on their side. For the best possible outcome, seek the support of your own zealous advocates to stand up for you. Seek a firm with the knowledge, skill and experience to put your adversaries in their place. In other words, hire Law One.

Settlement stage

The attorneys at Law One, in Denver, Colorado, will work with you to determine your specific estate planning goals. Our skilled attorneys can prepare estate planning documents uniquely tailored to your testamentary wishes. The documents we draft are clear, concise and typically generate modest fees, where the estate is not highly complex. If you prefer to utilize a trust, for protection or other considerations, we may incorporate a rollover trust into your will. Stand- alone trusts are available as well. Consider reducing uncertainty in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and call Law One today to determine what your options are in creating a clear path to protect yourself and your loved ones. With over thirty years of combined legal practice, we have met with a variety individuals that have found themselves in challenging predicaments, due to an oversight or lack of planning by a family member in advance of death. We can alleviate that risk altogether.

Act now.

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