Personal Injury

We specialize in assisting persons injured due to the negligence of others. We have experience in claims and litigation involving automobile accidents, slip and falls, wrongful deaths, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, dram shop actions (serving alcohol to minor or intoxicated persons), and others.  Joseph M. Elio has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for clients in the above categories.

We understand that each client and case is unique. At Law One, you will receive individual attention from an attorney. You will also be guided through each step of the claims process, from the time of the injury to settlement.

The stages of most cases and our typical involvement:

Incident stage

If we are retained shortly after the incident, we engage professionals to gather evidence, including but not limited to interviewing witnesses, photographing scenes, and capturing other evidence that may be lost.

Treatment stage

Your medical bills may be of primary concern at this stage. We help you through the maze of health, auto, disability and insurance issues. We strive to create a method to optimize your settlement proceeds, including subrogation strategies.

We also work with several independent companies that either provide medical services or authorize medical services that are repaid when your case is settled.

Settlement stage

When you have completed medical treatment, a medical provider normally determines that you are at maximum medical improvement. We often speak with that medical professional that treated you to obtain opinions as to your prognosis.

With your input, we then normally package a demand and begin settlement negotiations with the insurance company. We will not settle a case without your consent.

If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, we do not hesitate to litigate a case, if you so direct us.

Most people are not a fair match for the insurance companies. Insurance companies have vast experience, enormous resources and smart attorneys. You need a firm with the knowledge, skill and experience to match them.

Please call for a consultation. You will be pleased with the outcome if you retain Law One.